Please SUPPORT our Blood Drive🩸🩸🩸

When: 21 January’22 – Friday          
Where: StrubensValley Shopping Centre       
Time: 10am – 4pm       

All necessary PRECAUTIONS will be taken to keep all our donors SAFE! Nickey / Nathanie from Curves will be there to assist!

Yellow for Survivors becomes Curves community Partner

Through her NPC Yellow For Survivors, Activist Leilani Kuter strives to raise funds for organisations helping rape survivors and victims of gender-based violence (GBV).Yellow For Survivors has gone a step further towards empowering women, men and children by offering free anti-rape technique classes. During the 16 days of activism against GBV earlier this year, free sessions were sponsored by Yellow For Survivors and made possible by SPAR. They helped 290 people with anti-rape technique sessions during 16 Days of Activism in 2020. Curves StrubensValley played their part by offering their safe space to host a session for their members and community at large. It was an empowering and transformational experience for all who attended. Well done to Yellow for Survivors and Curves StrubensValley empowering more women together!

COVID-19 Safety

Click on this link to watch our video on Covid Safety. We have your best interest at heart.

Baby Moses Collections

160 packets of 2 min noodles,
7.9kg Soy mince,
11.5kg creamer,
60kg mielie meel.

Our Chosen Charity

Curves Strubens Valley supports Baby Moses in as many areas as we can. Baby Moses provides a loving home for children who have none. A BRIEF HISTORY: Baby Moses Children Sanctuary was founded in 2003 by Christo and Lani de Klerk. “We felt a pulling at our heartstrings to make a place for abandoned babies in South Africa.”

Awesome Autumn 6 Week Challenge UPDATE

336 toilet rolls collected for Baby Moses – Entry fee into our 6 weeks challenge!

Our member chosen charity Baby Moses will once again benefit from our initiative.

When: 29 March to 10th May 2021

To progress to the following week each member must apply and take part in the following

Mondays: Measurements
Tuesdays: Curves Smart
Wednesdays: Social Media Selfie fb check in
Thursdays: Spin the wheel
Fridays: Dress up Selfie instagram #curves power

Entry fee is:
Week 1: Toilet paper 9 pack
Week 2: 5pack 2 min noodles
Week 3: Box Soy mince
Week 4: Milk Powder
Week 5: 2.5kg Mielie Meel
Week 6: Tray of eggs 6/12

Leaving the challenge before the 6 weeks have lapsed will result in a R100 penalty fee (to be donated to Baby Moses)

Please complete a entry form at reception.

CANSA 2016

Here is to the beginning of a wonderful long term relationship with The Cancer Association of South Africa. (CANSA)

Curves have over the years aligned itself with many cancer supporting organisations as part of our social responsibility programme during cancer awareness month. This year is no different.

Curves South Africa is proud to announce that we are a sponsor of CANSA in October 2016 during cancer awareness month.

At Curves we motivate and assist women to be more health conscious, and improve their lifestyles and general wellbeing.

CANSA, with Curves, is in partnership with the Mrs South Africa pageant where we educate ladies to be the brand ambassadors for strengthening woman inside and out.

Curves is running a campaign in October 2016 and any lady joining Curves between 1 – 31 October will be joining on a 50{7978abfeb1bd720f7fd16bb68cb8083aab266a43408e52c1055f3e5fe01e465f} discount (R300) and the Club will give half of that joining fee paid (R150), to CANSA for cancer research and to help improve the lives of people living with cancer.

Let us all support this cause together and make a difference!

Kind Regards
Curves Africa Head Office


Curves is proud to announce that we are the official fitness and health Sponsor for the glamorous Mrs SA pageant. It is truly an honour to be part of such an inspirational brand. It represents the same values that Curves has been encouraging for more than ten years.

This means; Integrity, Innovation, Excellence and Fun. Let’s not leave the most important aspect out of the equation which is Strengthening Women.

“This year Mrs South Africa has grown leaps and bounds. We are very excited to start this partnership because Curves strives to empower women and strongly support their entrepreneurialism, diversity, social responsibility and supportive nature.”

In October 2016, The Grand Finale will take place at Emperors Palace once again where the new Mrs South Africa will be crowned. The night promises to deliver a glamorous affair that will celebrate all women from all aspects of life.”

The 25 finalists are all working out at Curves clubs nationwide where they are getting prepared for the big event. They are working closely with each club in order to attain the best results.

When the new winner is crowned in 2016, she will be the face of Curves South Africa for the duration of her reign. This year Candice Abrahams is the face of Curves and she is also crowned as Mrs World. Together with Curves, the former and the new Mrs SA will strive to keep ladies inspired and motivated while supporting South African charities and women’s rights to show the true beauty of South African women standing together.

This partnership is still making a difference in the lives of women and we are proud to be part of it.



We are celebrating 10 years of women with inspiring WHYs.

Over the years our motivations change. As teenagers and young adults, happiness can be a big motivation. As we get older the focus might shift to our futures and our families or even just our general health.

The great thing about our clubs is that they foster a community of like-minded members who share goals and support each other. Having been there with women throughout all their motivations, we know how to support them so they can reach their goals.

Here’s to 10 more years of Strengthening Women!