• First fitness and weight-loss facility designed exclusively for women Curves brought the world’s very first fitness club for women to South Africa, and neighbouring African countries, where women of all shapes and sizes could begin the transformation to fitness:
  • 30 minute fitness
  • Total body workout
  • Strength and cardio workouts
  • In-club coaching
  • CurvesSmart® personal training technology
  • Free access to Curves Clubs globally

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Special Offers Curves provides women with what they need to feel great and build a healthier futurestrong bodies, strong balance and a strong community.Strengthening Women in just 30-minutes a day.

Curves provides women with what they need to feel great and build a healthier future – strong bodies, strong balance and a strong community.Own your 2018 – Join NOW and get an awesome bag AND first month free!

Discovery Vitality members cansave up to 100% on the joining fee at Curves plus earn 100 Vitality points for one visit a day and up to a maximum of 30 000 Vitality points a year.


Curves International has become the world leader in women’s fitness in just a few years. With a life-long commitment to help women achieve their goals, Curves provides a whole body solution. Created specifically for women, Curves offers a complete fitness and nutrition solution. The 30 minute workout exercises every major muscle group and burns up to 2000 kilojoules through a proven program of strength training, cardio and stretching. In addition, club promotions and events encourage women to support charitable causes, learn about health-related issues and forge lasting friendships as part of the global community.

Curves StrubensValley opened on the 5 February 2006 originally in Ruimsig and now we are based in StrubensValley. Curves StrubensValley has been part of the community fibre for years, supporting local charities eg. The Baby Moses Sanctuary and growing networks for women in the area. Curves brought the world’s very first fitness club for women to South Africa, and neighbouring African countries, where women of all shapes and sizes could begin the transformation to fitness.


On Curves Complete, you’ll meet one-on-one with your Curves Coach once a week. Along with her, you’ll review what went right for you the week before on the program and look for ways to improve in the coming week. She’ll help you stay on track and committed to reaching your goals.Looking in the mirror or stepping on the scale are obvious ways to tell if you’re making progress toward your goals. But it’s often hard to know exactly what’s contributing to your success on a daily basis.That’s why every Curves Complete member gets access to an advanced version of our tracking and management system, CurvesSmart. It not only helps optimize your workouts in the Circuit, it helps plan and perfect your nutrition, giving you an exceptional understanding of the way your daily actions affect your energy level, how you feel and your ability to lose weight.


Hungry for healthy meal ideas? No problem. We’ve got an entire library of Curves Complete-friendly recipes.


Generate shopping lists based on your customized Meal Plans.


The best motivation is seeing yourself succeed. Keep up on your progress with feedback that shows your work is paying off.



Interact with a lively community of women with similar goals, struggles and successes. Curves Complete is a supportive sisterhood of women doing their best to be their best.

Get your personalised platform to track and manage your workouts and nutrition.


CUSTOMIZED TO THE WAY YOU LOVE TO EAT.Curves Complete Meal Plans offer the only diet program made specifically for the Curves Fitness program. We’ll teach you how to eat out or cook at home and provide recipes and shopping lists to make meal planning simple. You get plenty of proteins, good fats and healthy carbohydrates so you’re never giving up an entire food group. This combination helps ensure that muscle tissue is preserved and that the majority of weight loss* comes from fat. Plus, Curves Meal Bars and 100-calorie Snack Bars keep you on track.The Curves Meal Plan is broken down into three easy-to-follow stages:

PHASE 1: JUMP STARTDesigned to jump start weight loss* in the first week, Phase 1 is easy, customizable and satisfying. This first phase will encourage portion control, along with teaching healthy meal and snack choices.

PHASE 2: TAKE IT OFFIn Phase 2, we increase your caloric intake with the right foods and more variety. This ensures you’re losing fat*, not lean muscle, as you continue to follow the Fitness Program.

PHASE 3: KEEP IT OFFOnce your goal weight has been achieved, you’ll start Phase 3. The purpose of this phase is to continue to emphasize healthy living and to use the knowledge gained through Curves Complete to select foods more freely.




My name is Caitlin Forde, although everyone calls me Cait for short, and I am 25 years old.I have been a member of Curves Strubens Valley since January 2017. I decided to join after my mom had started with them a couple of months before and she was looking so good and so happy, I just had to see why for myself. I always wanted to start gym but lacked the right motivation and was terrified of going and making a fool of myself because I didn’t know how to use the equipment correctly (queue YouTube Gym fails!! :D). Well with Curves and all the friendly trainers, I never have to worry about becoming the next big fail! I always know I can count on them for support and motivation! Besides the fact that gym has become a daily routine for my Mom and I, it also gives us a chance to spend a little time together in between our busy lives. Another reason I started gym is because I am a professional vocalist and I was always exhausted after my shows. I need to be fit and healthy in order for my voice to reach its full potential. I am so grateful to my mom and all the amazing ladies at Curves Strubens Valley for all helping me achieve the best me I can be.P.S. A big thanks to my mom for giving me a gym contract for Christmas – best present ever xxx

Caitlin Forde 25 years old



Last week I went on a game drive, this meant I would have to climb up onto a game viewing vehicle, being 70 years old and not fit at all, my immediate thought was I will never be able to get up there, as I had been on one two years ago and had to be helped up but I knew I had to try.I couldn’t believe how easy it was for me to get up, so much so, that when it was time to climb down and then up again a number of times I was there doing what everyone else was doing and this is only after 7 weeks of going to Curves.The trainers are absolutely lovely, so friendly and encourage you so much while showing you how to use the machines correctly to get the best benefit from your workout. Thank you everyone at Curves for helping me, I’m looking forward to seeing what I will be able to do after my next 7 weeks.”

Carol Blanks, 70 years old



I joined Curves Strubensvalley on 15 September 2016. Throughout my adult life, I have tried various exercise programmes including Aerobics, Callanetics and Gym memberships. I have never been an “exercise person”. I had driven past the mobile billboard & noticed that this was a ladies-only gym so I decided to give it a try. It was also close to my daughter’s school so very convenient I thought.When asked what my workout goal was I said I would like to work out 3 days a week. After the first few weeks, Nickey challenged me to come 5 days a week. I remember being so irritated with her because, I mean, here I was actually managing 3!! Well, I now workout 5 days a week on most weeks and really enjoy it!! I have already completed 154 workouts and my body is beginning to show the results. I’ve lost 8,5kg in spite of some health set-backs!Nickey then encouraged me to start doing the ParkWalk. I thought she was mad because Saturdays are the only mornings I can sleep late and I was very possessive of them! Needless to say, I joined and have now completed 9! My family are amazed at this newfound energy and have all been motivated to start trying to keep up with me. My 17 year old daughter joined me at Curves a few months ago, she only comes twice a week but I am confident that will change to more often very soon. My husband & tenant have joined me in the Park walks. Thank you Nickey for your constant encouragement & motivation. You are the best!!

Amanda Van Rensburg, 53 years



We joined Curves StrubensValley just over one year ago. This was the best decision of our lives. A ladies only environment for all ages & fitness levels. Together we have lost a total of 43kg to date and we are maintaining our weight. Curves StrubensValley`s staff are amazing and the support is absolutely unbelievable. There is a constant encouragement to show up for your 30 minute strength training workouts 6 days a week. We have also realized that If you’re struggling with your motivation, or you simply want to squeeze more out of every workout you do, then one of the smartest moves you can make is to get a workout buddy. Together we have achieved our goals, our workouts became more fun, we motivate and support each other and we have kept each other accountable for our daily workouts at Curves StrubensValley.

Liezel De Wit (45yrs) & Sonja Kapp (48yrs) 

Please SUPPORT our Blood Drive🩸🩸🩸

When: 21 January’22 - Friday           Where: StrubensValley Shopping Centre        Time: 10am - 4pm        All necessary PRECAUTIONS will be taken to keep all our donors SAFE! Nickey / Nathanie from Curves will be there…

Yellow for Survivors becomes Curves community Partner

Through her NPC Yellow For Survivors, Activist Leilani Kuter strives to raise funds for organisations helping rape survivors and victims of gender-based violence (GBV).Yellow For Survivors has gone a step further towards empowering women, men…

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Baby Moses Collections

160 packets of 2 min noodles, 7.9kg Soy mince, 11.5kg creamer, 60kg mielie meel. Our Chosen Charity Curves Strubens Valley supports Baby Moses in as many areas as we can. Baby Moses provides a loving home for children who have none.…

Awesome Autumn 6 Week Challenge UPDATE

336 toilet rolls collected for Baby Moses - Entry fee into our 6 weeks challenge! Our member chosen charity Baby Moses will once again benefit from our initiative. When: 29 March to 10th May 2021 To progress to the following week…

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